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Maternity Photography Atlanta

Maternity Photos in Studio or Outdoors

First of all, Congratulations! Such an exciting time in your life as you create and grow a new life inside of you.  Being able to have beautiful images to look back on in the future will be so special. 

When should we take maternity photos?

We recommend taking maternity photos between 32 and 36 weeks into your pregnancy, while your belly is nice and round and you still feel energetic.  We offer in-studio sessions as well as outdoor sessions. When going to a park or fields, it is best to meet 1-2 hours before sunset or after sunrise. Studio photos can be done any time during the day.  Maternity sessions usually last about 1 hour.

It is important to select a day of the week where you have nothing else planned so you can be rested. We recommend that you get a manicure prior to your photos, as your hands will frame your belly.  Make sure you are hydrated and have a light snack before the session to keep your energy levels up.  Professional hair and make up is also highly encouraged.

We will meet a few days after to review your images and help you pick what you love. Please ask us about specials when booking a maternity photo session along with a newborn session.