Atlanta Newborn Photographer- Baby Madison

Welcome to the world baby Madison

Maddie came to our studios located in Dunwoody/Sandy Springs for her newborn photography session. I could tell right away that she is a natural in front of the camera, just like her mom, and this will be the first of many photo shoots for her.

Nontobeko contacted me in her third trimester, and we discussed her vision and ideas for the baby photos. She shared pictures of the nursery to help me customize the perfect set-ups for baby. We decided to use pinks, blush, and creams colors to achieve her vision.

Mom let me know of baby’s birth while in the hospital, which is what I typically ask moms to do, so we can confirm the dates of the photos. Maddie was 8 days new on the day of her newborn photos which is within the ideal age range for baby photos.

Maddie “slept like a baby” during her photos and we were able to capture some beautiful curled, sleepy poses as well as some great open eye pictures.

Baby girl laying in a pink fluff holding a heart and a most beautiful smile, taken at home studion in Sandy Springs, GA

Newborn photo of girl in a pink fluff weaning a white outfit

Baby girl laying on pink layer on "tushie up" pose

Baby girl in pink covered by a knit layer laying on her tummy- picture captured by Mariela Duval Photography

Newborn baby girl, 8 day new, wrapped in pink and having great contact with camera- image captured in our home studio in Dunwoody/Sandy Springs

I love to use a bowl and a bucket as some of my favorite props to use with baby, and Maddie agreed with my selection as she found them very comfortable.

Newborn girl laying in a bowl wrapped in pink and seafoam green to compliment her nursery colors.

My favorite prop, the bucket boys gave me for mother's day present- baby laying in a classic blush and white wrapped

I like to do a couple of digital background pictures, and this one was chosen specially for baby, don' you think she looks perfect in a heart of roses?

Baby girl laying in a heart of pink flowers wearing a pink romper. Newborn photography picture ideas in pink

Newborn girl laying in a fluff of pink surrounded by flowers and scarfs that spell the word LOVE

Maddie’s teenage sisters were visiting from New Jersey and it was wonderful to have them in the pictures. This baby girl is so lucky to have so many great girls to look up to and be her role model

baby girl and teenage sisters photo taken by Mariela Duval Photography

Dad holding newborn baby girl and photographed with his three daughters- image taken in Sandy Springs, GA

During the photo shoot, parents shared with me their story on how they met and you could hear the love in their voices. Nontobeko is from South Africa and that’s where Jeff found his queen.

Baby girl being held by dad and surrounded by mom and daughters

Grandma was here visiting, and I was excited to capture the three generations of beautiful women, no doubt an image that baby Maddie will share forever, what would I give to have a picture with my mom and grandmother.

Three generations of girls- photo taken in home studio located in Dunwoody/Sandy springs, GA

It was such an honor for me to meet and photograph this beautiful family. Sometimes, right after a baby, there’s lack of sleep, anxiety about raising a child, and sometimes tension in the family; however, this family seemed so happy, relaxed and proud to have this perfect baby girl join their family. I tried to capture the essence of their love in these images.

Please contact me to document this fleeting moments and have them last forever in these images that will be cherished forever. Remember the ideal time to book is a few months before baby is born.