Atlanta Newborn Photographer- Kinsley Faith, 10 weeks old

Let me introduce you beautiful baby Kinsley! She was born on April 2nd, right in the middle of the pandemia and when all photography studios were closed in Atlanta. Anitra contacted me when Kinsley was over 2 months old and wanted to try to have some “newborn” photos as she felt she had missed out already so much, a sentiment I often hear from new mom's right now, little to no visits, no baby shower, no one bringing meals.

I explained that I would attempt to capture some sleepy poses. I mentioned that I like to obtain awake shots, interacting and if we get lucky, capture a smile or two laying on their back and also doing “tummy” time. And we were able to get some great photos of Kinsley

I then wrapped baby, so we could get more posed images, and she was very comfortable, she felt asleep. .Mom and dad were thrilled we got so many beautiful photos of Kinsley that they will cherish a lifetime.

Please contact me to document this fleeting moments and have them last forever in these beautiful newborn photos. Remember the ideal time to book is a few months before baby is born to assure availability.