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Meet the sibling session/ fresh 48 at Northside Hospital

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

I was thrilled to photograph Missy, Leigh and Woody to welcome their newest little member to the family. I met Missy and Leigh at #Northsidehospital to document the birth of their daughter Briar for #fresh48 photos and be there when big brother Woody met his baby sister for the first time to capture some #meetthesibling images.  Briar, is absolutely perfect with beautiful blonde hair and flawless skin. mom had chosen this beautiful white gown for her first pictures

.  We took pictures of baby, baby and mom and baby and dad before her four year old brother arrived. The #newbornphotos were great to show the newness of the baby!


Big brother was so excited to meet his baby sister and had a gift for her. Dad and I met Woody at the lobby and took pictures walking to the room

He was absolutely thrilled to meet his baby sister and there was so much pride and joy in his face and in the room

I know this two are quickly becoming the best of friends and can see the #siblinglove and excited for all the wonderful adventures they will have together!

Congratulations Missy and Leigh for your beautiful family!

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