Newborn Photography Atlanta- Baby Isabella Grace

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I was contacted recently by Jalena when Isabella was a few days old about newborn photography. Normally, I recommend parents to book the newborn photos before baby is born but life sometimes happens and with the excitement of a new baby coming, times gets away from us. Grandmother actually found me on Google and suggested having newborn photos of beautiful baby Isabella. We were able to get her into our home studio located in Sandy Springs for baby’s first photos when she was 12 days old.

baby girl smiling- newborn photos

baby girl laying on neutral colors

Isabella was a perfect model and slept soundly throughout her photo session. Although I usually tell parents to allow 3-4 hours for the pictures, we were able to capture all the images within 2 hours.

baby girl in pink

baby girl on grey background

baby girl in bucket

baby and parents

Of course, I also had to take images of baby Isabella with grandma and always love capturing the three generations. How I would have loved to have had an image like that with my mother and grandmother.

baby being held by grandma

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