Newborn photography Atlanta- baby A'mari

I had the honor to photograph former Atlanta Hawks Taurean Prince’s baby boy for his newborn pictures. I was contacted by his wife Hanah when baby A’mari was 10 days old and between their busy schedule of life with a toddler and a newborn and being in the middle of Atlanta Hawks busy season, we were able to do newborn photos when he was 21 days old. We photographed baby A’mari in my home studio located in Sandy Springs, Georgia and my teenage boys, who are a huge Atlanta Hawks fan, were thrilled to have Taurean at our house.

Baby A'mari was a dream to photograph, and we got some wonderful baby pictures.

baby boy laying on white background wearing adorable red pants.  Image captured by Mariela Duval Photography
A'mari newborn photo

baby boy laying on a yellow flokati with eyes open and great connection with camera
A'mari newborn photography, Atlanta

newborn baby swaddle in a grey wrap laying on bowl.  Image capture in Sandy Springs by Mariela Duval Photography
A'mari baby photo

In discussing how to customize the newborn photo session, Hanah asked for a picture with planets and moon to hang a canvas over the crib to go in line with the planetarium nursery theme. I was able to find the perfect digital background for it from Luisa Dunn Photography and mom was thrilled with the image.

baby boy laying on the moon with planets around.  This image was captured as a composite laying on a brown pillow and then transferred to a digital background with moon, stars and planets
A'mari newborn photography

Although, parents were not as interested in basketball pictures with baby A’mari (but I believe he will be a perfect basketball player), I wanted to do something special that represented the sport. I enlisted my son’s help in photographing a basketball on the shelf and was able to photograph baby with the illusion of sitting comfortable on the shelf holding a ball. This was one of dad’s favorite images.

to honor the sport, baby A'mari was photographed with a basketball sitting comfortable on a shelf. Image captured by Mariela Duval Photography and done as a composite
A'mari newborn photo basketball

and we also posed him on the shelf with a lantern using a similar composite in photoshop, which mom loved

A'mari newborn photo on a shelf

Big sister was only 22 months old and you could already tell she had already taken the role of his protector. She was so good with him, and we were able to capture some amazing pictures of siblings together and this is one of my favorite photos of the session.

baby boy photographed with big sister who was 22 months old laying on a white fluff. Photo taken in Sandy Springs, Ga
Newborn photography and sibling

I also loved capturing family pictures and you can tell how much in love Taurean is of his little family and so proud of his boy and totally enamored with his daughter who already seems to have him wrapped around his finger.

big sister and baby brother
Siblings newborn pictures

baby boy laying happily and safely in mom's arms- he will never fit this way again.
A'mari newborn photo

photo of baby boy with dad, Taurean Prince
Taurean Prince with baby boy

family pictures with baby boy and big sister
Newborn photography Atlanta

family pictures dad holding baby boy and picture of big, proud sister
Atlanta baby photo

After spending three years with the Atlanta Hawks, Taurean is moving to play with the Brooklyn Nets and we, in Atlanta, will miss him very much and wish the Prince family best of luck in the big city. I will miss not photographing the young Prince again.

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